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Wyndham Case Study



Wyndham had (11) brands that did not have a distinguishable online presence.  A customer value proposition needed to be established to create an online identity for each brand.  The transformation of the company’s websites not only required a new look and feel, but also required new content.  Since the (11) brands ran the gamut between economy and luxury, a Content Strategy was necessary to determine and address the appeal for each type of traveler.  Being new to the hospitality industry, I was selected to spearhead the project of developing a content strategy framework.  Management felt I brought a different perspective to the challenge of discovering the triggers that cause site visitors to convert based on the level of content provided on the site.  To address this question, I took a customer centric approach to mapping out a strategy.




  • Put on my traveling consumer’s hat and asked, “What would I want to see on a site, if I wanted to stay at an economy, full-service, or resort hotel?”  Identified key content triggers, including the verboseness of copy, visual effects, and placement on the page.

  • Viewed competitor sites for best practices.

  • Segmented Wyndham properties by tiers.

  • Categorized content types – Foundation, Plus, and Enhanced.

  • Assigned content types to tiers.

  • Presented hypothesis and recommendations to executive level management.




  • Framework accepted by executive level management and executed.

  • Strategy incorporated into usability prototype.

  • Theory validated in usability testing.  Look, feel and content was connected with what consumers expected the brand(s) to stand for and subsequently was incorporated into site launches.


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