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MasterCard had two consumer facing websites, one functional (mastercard.com) and one experiential (priceless.com). However, we did not have our finger on the pulse of consumers visiting our sites.  What were the drivers of satisfaction, reason for visits, demographics? How should we position content to meet the needs of site visitors?  Served as team leader to drive execution of a yearlong satisfaction survey designed to gain an understanding of why consumers visited the MasterCard portal.




  • Worked with Global Research department to select vendor (comScore).

  • Planned study attributes with stakeholders, including Global Research, Global Digital Marketing, Global Brand, Product, and Global Technology Operations.

  • Selected survey criteria.

  • Created questionnaire.

  • Managed agency relationship.

  • Provided technical input for implementation of survey scripts (pop over, pop under, tracking domain departure). Oversaw the implementation of coding.

  • Consulted with agency for deeper insights and actionable results. Scheduled deep dives with stakeholders to disseminate findings on a quarterly basis. Facilitated presentations to cross-functional teams including interactive agencies, Global Technology Operations, Global Marketing, and other stakeholders.

  • Revised questionnaire, in consultation with agency and Global Research, as site content changed.




  • Survey outcomes clearly pointed to areas, which if addressed, would drastically improve consumer satisfaction and overall impression of the brand.

  • Excerpts from survey results used in presentations highlighted Global Digital Marketing’s contribution to brand awareness and strength, and established the online channel as an asset for card acquisition.

  • Identified site demographics, which were immediately used to support marketing plans and the creative process.   Demographic example:  priceless.com visitors are more affluent, older, more established financially - - looking for promotions and offers.  mastercard.com visitors are less affluent, younger - - looking to establish credit.

  • Actionable results were incorporated into our card program segmentation strategy. Example:  priceless.com: Featured card benefits and experiences, and exclusive MasterCard only offers.  masterCard.com: Featured content about establishing credit.


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