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To increase awareness, acquisition and usage of the World MasterCard® card product, MasterCard teamed with celebrity football star Peyton Manning, through its sponsorship relationship. The plan was to promote the card via a 30 second television commercial and an online interactive component. Peyton’s wit and humor was well known and he successfully promoted MasterCard products in the past.  The challenge here was having only 8 weeks to develop an integrated marketing platform that incorporated TV, print, online program, digital media, PR and Sponsorships.




  • Collaborated with Brand, Sponsorships, PR, Legal and creative agencies to develop online concept.

  • Saved production costs by re-using voice overs from prior Peyton online program.

  • Oversaw the building of digital program components – which included viral video with Tell a Friend component and created a “Peyton Worldcard© Offers” collection.

  • Obtained necessary approvals, tested and launched.

  • Recommended avoiding past program launch challenges by launching test site in “production” vs. “staging environment”.




  • Flawlessly executed program within the required (8) week production timeframe.

  • Program saw a 6% increase in traffic to the World offer content section of the website.

  • Mitigated risk of launch errors by proposing and executing launch in production environment, produced the first errorless program launch.

  • The TVC and Viral Video can be found on YouTube @ http://bit.ly/jPjX and http://bit.ly/FN2fy respectively.



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