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Various business units across organization had responsibility for merchant offers promotion on MasterCard websites. Graphical User Interface did not allow consumers to sort offers by interest, type, etc.  MasterCard maintained 4 different user interfaces for each offer collection and the offers were not centrally located on the site(s).  The end process did not deliver value to consumers and was not cost effective.  The platforms needed to be redesigned in order to be more relevant to consumers and improve traffic to merchant partner sites.




  • Conducted white board (brainstorming) session with cross-functional offer teams, including two agencies responsible for creative license for mastercard.com and priceless.com respectively.

  • Designed and facilitated needs assessment, which led to a consensus on program commonalities.

  • Collaborated with team to finalize the requirements for a “one” platform process.

  • Developed requirements for database to house offer assets by: offer collection, offer categorization, card product, geo coding, Tell a Friend (Amazon model used -- “consumers who liked this offer also liked…”).

  • Managed development process from design to implementation.

  • Ensured proper tracking was in place to individually and collectively report on offer programs Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).




  • Successfully launched all offers programs on single platform on priceless.com, along with management tool to house offer details.  Tool was leveraged globally.  Specifications for platform were also used by outside vendor for another offer program.  Saw a 7% increase in traffic referred to merchant sites.

  • Automated push to web, circumventing content management system, which added efficiencies to the offer management process.  Additionally, offers were automatically removed from the site based on expiry date, thereby eliminating time consuming manual processes.

  • Benchmarked offer performance via HBX reporting, which allowed us to validate offer relevance.

  • Other groups across the organization recognized value of tool and leveraged it for B2B projects.


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